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ACE Private Risk Services Offers Premium Discounts to Homeowners Who Invest in Water Damage Prevention
Oct 21, 2009

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ACE Private Risk ServicesSM, part of the ACE Group, today announced a program that will help homeowners save money by taking steps to prevent water damage as part of its ACE Platinum PortfolioSM insurance program for affluent and high net worth clients. This program is offered through a strategic alliance with Sentinel Hydrosolutions LLC, maker of the Leak Defense System, a state-of-the art solution that automatically detects leaks and shuts off the water in a home.



A recent incident underscored the value of a water leak defense system. The owners of a secondary home worth more than $2 million were away when a leak occurred in the mechanical room. The water leak defense system sensed the leak, shut off the water to prevent serious damage, and alerted the owner’s security system, which notified the home’s caretaker. The caretaker responded, located the problem, and easily cleaned up the small amount of water that had leaked.

ACE Private Risk Services’ clients are eligible for a discount of 35 to 40 percent off the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of the Leak Defense System. In addition, ACE will reduce the premium on a client’s home by five to seven percent for clients who install the Leak Defense System.

“Many of our clients know that investing in the safety of their home is a wise decision,” said Gary Raphael, Senior Vice President of Claims and Risk Consulting, ACE Private Risk Services. “Given that water damage from plumbing leaks accounts for one of the most common and costly causes of loss, this system can pay for itself by preventing or minimizing the damage from plumbing and appliance leaks. By teaming up with Sentinel Hydrosolutions, we’re bringing this threat to the forefront and making it even easier for such an investment to pay off.”

Clients of ACE Private Risk Services typically own high value homes, choose high deductibles on their policy, and often travel for business or pleasure. If even a small plumbing leak occurs while they are away, damage to their home can be substantial. In 2008, the average claim paid for a frozen pipe was more than $36,000, and for leaky appliances more than $13,000. While insurance covered most of the cost, deductible payments by clients often exceeded $2,500.

“Loss prevention is in everyone’s best interest,” said Scott Pallais, Chairman of Sentinel Hydrosolutions. “With the discounts being offered, an ACE client could cover the cost of purchasing and installing our Leak Defense System if just one typical loss were prevented. The annual premium savings and potentially lower water bills then add to the return on the investment.”

The Leak Defense System uses the latest technology to prevent water damage. A water flow sensor/ shut-off valve is installed on the main water supply line and, if desired, remote point-of-leak sensors can be installed at other key points in the plumbing system. Homeowners use an intuitive central control panel to tell the system to automatically shut off the water supply if the water flow exceeds a certain level. The control panel will also sound an alarm, help the user find the source of the leak, and can be connected to a home security system – an especially useful feature if the homeowner is away.

Sentinel Hydrosolutions LLC, based in Escondia, Calif., develops and delivers innovative products and services designed to detect water leaks, to protect personal property, and to conserve natural resources. For more information, please visit

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