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ACE USA Announces Data Breach Team and Enhancement Option to Industry Leading DigiTech and Privacy Protection Policies
Apr 24, 2010

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ACE USA, the U.S.-based retail operating division of the ACE Group, today announced new enhancements to its industry-leading privacy protection and network liability protection policies. In ACE’s continuing effort to help policyholders mitigate and manage the rising expense of data breaches, the company has introduced an integrated and complementary suite of independent data breach specialists and comprehensive coverages. ACE Professional Risk’s Data Breach Team, combined with the Data Breach Team Endorsement, bridges the gap between risk transfer and purchased loss control, creating a comprehensive risk management program for privacy, data breach and network security risk.

The ACE DigiTech® and ACE Privacy Protection® policies, which provide privacy, network security, and media liability coverage for all industries, now include access to ACE’s Data Breach Team, a pool of independent third-party professional service providers who have the capabilities and experience to help organizations and businesses execute their data breach response. ACE policyholders now have access and can be referred to a panel of legal, computer forensic, notification, call center, public relations, crisis communications, fraud consultation, credit monitoring, and identity restoration firms with a specific focus on data breach response, with the benefit of discounted loss control service fees for such ACE policyholders.

“As more of our policyholders experienced data breaches,” said Toby Merrill, Vice President, ACE Professional Risk, “it became clear that they needed additional guidance locating qualified vendors to deal with these events. Some companies simply do not have the bandwidth to handle the time-consuming process of developing their own data breach response team with pre-negotiated rates. When the clock is ticking, and potential liabilities are mounting, identifying reliable and cost-appropriate data breach service providers is paramount.”

Norm Rafsol, Senior Vice President, ACE Professional Risk added, “We are pleased to announce the availability of the Data Breach Endorsement, which provides coverage enhancements to policyholders utilizing the Data Breach Team. The new endorsement coupled with our existing approach provides a scalable solution to meet the needs of firms with well-established post-event plans as well as those in need of further guidance. As a result, we are confident we can provide our policyholders with a customized solution to meet their needs.”

Highlights of the Data Breach Team and Data Breach Team Endorsement:*

Overview of ACE’s Data Breach Team:

  • Access and referral to Data Breach Team provided to ACE policyholders who purchase coverage under the ACE Privacy Protection, ACE DigiTech and ACE Digital DNA® product lines
  • Access and referral to an independent panel of specialists in the legal, computer forensic, notification, call center, public relations, fraud consultation, credit monitoring, and identity restoration service areas
  • Pre-negotiated discounted rates from service providers
  • Policyholders have the option to select among multiple vendors provided within most service categories

Enhancements available with the Data Breach Team Endorsement:

  • Increased limits for the Data Breach Fund
  • Toll free hotline to a Data Breach Coach, a law firm providing data breach consultation services
  • No retention applicable to Data Breach Coach
  • Data Breach Expenses expanded to include:
    • to retain the services of the Data Breach Coach
    • no prior written approval required to incur voluntary notification expenses
    • one year of fraud consultation to individuals by a licensed investigator
    • identity restoration services for individuals where identity theft has occurred or is imminent
  • Costs to comply with Privacy Regulations:
    • continues to apply the most favorable jurisdiction applicable to the event
    • affirmatively covers legal, notification and call center services

Additional ACE DigiTech and ACE Privacy Protection features and announcements:

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*Product highlights are summaries only; please see actual policy for terms and conditions. Products may not be available in all locations and remain subject to ACE Professional Risk’s underwriting criteria. ACE USA shall not be a party to any agreement entered into between any Data Breach Team service provider and an ACE policyholder. It is understood that Data Breach Team service providers are independent contractors, and are not agents of ACE USA. ACE USA assumes no liability arising out of any services rendered by a Data Breach Team service provider.

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