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Chubb Life in Thailand launched ‘Health Protector’ to protect customers against rising hosptialization cost
Dec 13, 2017
An unexpected turn of events from illness or accidents can easily wipe away life savings, getting ‘Health Protector’ together with a life insurance plan will help customers through challenging times.

Chubb Life in Thailand recently launched “Health Protector”, a hospital and surgical rider product with extensive benefits, to reinforce the company’s commitment to craft health coverage that fits today’s customers in Thailand. The ‘Health Protector’ rider is designed for customers who want to  worry less in the event of hospitalization, the product comes with a maximum claim coverage of 5,500,000 Baht per year and 15,000 Baht per day for room and board, while giving the insured a tax deduction benefit1.

Health care and medical costs continue to rise in recent years. According to the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand, contagious diseases such as respiratory, infectious and gastrointestinal are the most common ones in Thailand2. To ease customers’ anxiety, Chubb Life’s “Health Protector” product comes with five options, the coverage per year starts from 1,1000,000 Baht for the “HSP3 plan” and up to 5,500,000 Baht for the “HSP15” plan. The actual medical expenses will be paid to the insured according to the maximum coverage of the policy. The product is applicable for customers aged from 1 month to 70 years old, and customer can renew their policy until they reach 80 years old. All options offer lump-sum benefit payout, which covers hospitalization from both accident and illness. The coverage includes daily room and board, nursing services, surgical and medical procedure fees, doctor fees, take home medicine, laboratory and radiological examination fees, and emergency care of outpatients caused by accident.

Mrs. Sally O’Hara, Country President of Chubb Life Assurance Pcl. said, “We are committed to developing products to meet the needs of our customers. Our ‘Health Protector’ rider is designed not only to provide an extensive level of coverage for inpatients, but also extend to 21 day case procedures such as  endoscope, cataract extraction, and breast mass excision. We offer cashless service when customers are treated in Chubb Life's network of 260 hospitals nationwide. This product is created for Thai people so our customers will be able to receive proper hospital treatment, to relieve their financial burden of surgical and medical expenses, and to better manage their life. In addition, premium paid for this product is eligible for personal income tax deduction up to 15,000 Baht per year according to Revenue Department’s regulation1.”


1 Tax laws and requirements are regularly under review and not all persons may qualify for the beneficial tax treatment. Interested persons are advised to consult with their tax advisor to determine the applicablity of any given tax benefit.

2 Source from The Ministry of Public Health of Thailand.


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