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Chubb Life Launches New Digital Platform to Enhance Customer Experience
Dec 6, 2018

Jakarta, December 06, 2018—PT Chubb Life Insurance Indonesia (Chubb Life) has today launched an online  platform called Chubb Life Customer Corner as part of its ongoing commitment to putting customers first and providing them with the best customer experience, anywhere and anytime.

Kumaran Chinan, Chubb Life COO said, "We are proud to launch the Chubb Life Customer Corner which will make it faster and more convenient for our customers to access important policy information, including the latest claims information, anywhere and anytime they choose to."

In addition to information about recent claims, Chubb Life Customer Corner will enable customers to access the following information:

  • Information on proposals, policies, and balance of investment value per policy
  • Transaction and e-Statement information
  • An investment value information letter
  • A list of partner hospitals

As the number of internet users in Indonesia grows, purchasing behaviour especially amongst the younger generation is changing. A recent McKinsey Report[1] forecasts  that Indonesia is expected to add 50 million new internet users between 2015 and 2020. The growing enthusiasm of Indonesians to embrace digital technology creates new opportunities for Chubb Life to engage with customers more directly, particularly millennials, who make up half of Indonesia’s total population.

By contrast, insurance penetration rates are still relatively low in Indonesia. A 2017 survey[2] by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) – Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority - showed that out of 100 citizens, only 15-16 people are considered insurance literate and around 12 people utilize protection.

"Increasingly, today’s younger consumers are beginning to pay more attention to protection. Being digitally savvy, they like to research products or services online before making a decision. Our new Chubb Life Customer Corner makes it easier for this digitally savvy generation to protect themselves and the things that matter to them," explained Astono Hermawan, Chubb Life CMO.

Chubb Life will be providing online video tutorials to help customers familiarise themselves with the new portal so they can maximize its benefits.  Customers will receive an activation email with a link. After completing the activation form, customers will get a verification code through SMS and be able to login to the Customer Corner through the website at the Customer Service menu. The platform can be accessed on all types of devices, including laptops, tablets and mobile phones.



[1] Unlocking Indonesia’s digital opportunity-McKinsey 2016

2 Press Release, OJK announces Higher Financial Literacy and Inclusion Indices – OJK, 2017