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Chubb Life Thailand launches ‘Family Protector’, a complete family solution
Chubb Life Thailand aims to ease the anxiety and financial burden caused by medical bills. Family Protector provides coverage up to 10 million baht for major surgeries, along with daily hospitalization compensation of up to 39,000 baht and premium discount for all family members. Family Protector also offers nine choices of coverage to meet the needs of millennial families as well as enable customers to buy the product for themselves and their family members. The product provides maternity cover, including major surgery related to pregnancy complications, as well as cover for babies up to 365 days old without charging extra premiums; thereby alleviating financial pressure on new parents.
Dec 1, 2020
Angela Hunter - Country President
Angela Hunter - Country President

According to a 2018 report from the Ministry of Public Health , the top five causes of death for Thai people are cancer, cerebrovascular disease, chronic lung disease, heart disease, and accidents , with cases of critical illnesses increasing every year. Further, soaring medical costs are a significant concern for most families.

Angela Hunter, Country President of Chubb Life in Thailand said “Chubb Life Thailand’s vision is to help people live their lives with confidence by designing health, protection and financial well-being solutions that meet their specific needs.  At Chubb Life, we are looking at every details of their lives. Therefore, our health portfolio is expanding to cater for the needs of millennial families with more comprehensive protection for each member.    With medical costs increasing at almost 10% annually, Family Protector is designed to support quality hospitalisation and major surgical operations expenses that young families face.  Family Protector has extensive coverage for the needs of most households, including families with children, newlywed, parents-to-be, or single adults wanting coverage for their parents.  A special discount is offered when two family members purchase the product together. ”


Here are the key benefits of 'Family Protector’;

  • Major surgery coverage, for example: major invasive cancer surgery, major heart surgery, major brain surgery, major surgery from accidental injury, major surgery from pregnancy complications, and major surgery from congenital abnormalities in new born, etc.
  • Daily hospitalization compensation up to 19,500 baht per day, and double payout for young insured people up to 39,000 baht per day, until the age of 18 years old.
  • Special treatments i.e. chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy, hemodialysis, stroke rehabilitation, as well as hospice care.
  • Capped benefit payment with a choice of 1,000,000; 5,000,000 or 10,000,000 baht per policy year.
  • Special discounts for the family members when 2 people purchase the product together and the policies are approved.
  • Eligible for personal income tax deduction according to Revenue Department’s Regulations.

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Policy applicants should read and comprehend the benefits and terms and conditions of Family Protector’ before deciding to purchase. Detailed product information can be found from brochure and policy document. In addition, company underwriting guideline will apply.

For further information: Contact: Laila Tohkeemorlee Marketing Department Chubb Life in Thailand +662 615 6886 Shilpa Freemantle Head of Brand & Communications, Chubb Life +852 2185 0207 E