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Chubb Life Launches the ‘Say Yes to Less Plastic’ Competition
Chubb Life continues its annual ‘Regional Day of Service’, encouraging Thai youth to preserve the environment through its ‘Say Yes to Less Plastic’ competition aimed at reducing plastic usage.
Jan 20, 2021
ward presentation for the winning idea -‘Plastic Sorting and Transforming Machine’ from Wat Dao Kanong High School in Bangkok
Award presentation for the winning idea -‘Plastic Sorting and Transforming Machine’ from Wat Dao Kanong High School in Bangkok

Chubb Life Assurance PCL. is committed to increasing the educational opportunities for students and improving the livelihood of communities across Thailand. Recently, it joined hands with Teach for Thailand foundation (TFT) to organise its Say Yes to Less Plastic competitionThis initiative is designed to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage students to develop new ideas to reduce plastic waste in their schoools. The program offers opportunities for the students to enhance their knowledge and skills to present sustainable solutions.

In November, Chubb employees across 12 markets in Asia Pacific devoted their time to various charitable projects as part of their Regional Day of Service.  This has two main objectives -  increasing educational opportunities for underprivileged students and improving the livelihood of communities. Due to the Covid-19 situation and prevention measures, Chubb Life joined hands with the Teach for Thailand foundation to hold an online competition, ‘Say Yes to Less Plastic, in collaboration with Khun Romtham Khumnurak, an environmental columnist known as ‘Environman’, who was a program advisor and part of the judging panel. Over 200 students, between grade 7-9 from the TFT network nationwide, submitted ideas for the project and received certificates and scholarships valued at THB 170,000.

Angela Hunter - Country President, Chubb Life Thailand said, ‘Chubb Life understands the importance of education as an essential foundation for young people. We also aim to enhance the livelihood of their communities by educating students about the importance of preserving the environment. We launched the program,‘Say Yes to Less Plastic’, last year by providing environmental education to schoolchildren at a mangrove forest and then doing a public service by collecting garbage. This year we continued our initiative by raising awareness of optimizing and protecting natural resources. Due to the Covid-19 situation, we decided to run it online.  We worked with the Teach for Thailand foundation to invite the students from across their network to develop and present their ideas under the ‘3Rs’ concept: Reducing, Reusing or Recycling, and then apply this concept to plastic waste in their schools. We are confident this activity has benefited students, schools and communities and will do so for years to come.’

The winning ideas for the competition were:

  • Plastic Sorting and Transforming Machinefrom Wat Dao Kanong Secondary School in Bangkok. The team received certificates, financial support for the project, and scholarships with the total value of THB 130,ooo. The proposed solution was to recycle the plastic waste by sorting and then transforming them into new products, which can be used or sold within the school. This recycling project will be expanded to non-profit organizations and nearby communities.
  •  Plastic Bottle Broomfrom Samoeng Pittayakhom School in Chiang Mai came in 2nd place. The students received certificates, THB 30,000 scholarships, and five separate garbage bin sets for the school. The project solved the problem of the lack of brooms available to sweep leaves in their large school grounds. The idea was to change plastic bottles into durable brooms to be used both within the school as well as other schools, temples and communities.
  • Third place went to Braided Rope from Plastic Bottlesby Huay Kra Jao Pittayakom School in Kanchanaburi. Certificates and THB 10,000 scholarships were awarded to students. The students wanted to enhance the performance of existing plastic braided rope project by reducing the size of each strand using an extrusion machine to bind them together. The new ropes will be used by the school and given to people in the community.
For further information: Laila Tohkeemorlee Marketing Department Chubb Life in Thailand +662 615 6886 Shilpa Freemantle Head of Brand & Communications, Chubb Life +852 2185 0207 E