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Chubb Life Thailand digitizes services for all stakeholders
Chubb Life in Thailand has transformed its digital and online platforms in response to changing user behaviors, launching new online systems and tools to promptly support customers, agents, and business partners.
May 30, 2022
Angela Hunter - Country President of Chubb Life in Thailand
Angela Hunter - Country President

The outbreak of Covid-19 in March 2020 increased digital literacy among Thai people. Aside from working and studying at home, they quickly adapted to technology in their daily lives, such as ordering food, shopping online, and performing financial transactions.

This led to the acceleration of technology adoption among many industries to support these changing behaviors and social distancing requirements in daily operations and customer services. With the changing digital landscape, Chubb Life has developed a series of digital and online platforms and tools to improve the experience for customers, agents and business partners.

Angela Hunter, Country President of Chubb Life in Thailand, said: ‘Our customers trust us to protect them and their families. It’s our responsibility to ensure they can access the information and services they require in a way that is convienent for them, which is why we made digital business transformation one of Chubb’s strategic priorities. As the pandemic encouraged technology adoption, we implemented new digital and online tools to create a better experience for our customers, as well as enhancing convenience for our agents and business partners. All these changes are designed to make it easier for our customers.’

Chubb Life’s digital and online tools and services provide easy accessibility and faster end-to-end support. The tools and platforms we have updated and launched over the last three years for our customers include:

  • MyAccount: a self-service customer online portal that allows customers to check policy details and update personal information directly.
  • ePayment: an online platform for premium renewals and payments using internet and mobile banking, as well as generating a QR code on smartphones to present at pay points.
  • LINE Official Account: launched in Q1 2022, this is a one-stop-shop for real-time claims tracking, cashless payments with hospitals in our network, and source for Chubb Life news and updates.
  • ePolicy: a policy issuance service that allows customers to receive their policies in digital format via e-mail.
  • Chubb LifeBalance: a holistic health monitoring mobile app with a personal virtual coach that rewards users for maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, including exercise, nutrition, sleep and mental health.
  • Customer Relationship Management system (CRM): (available soon) a backend operational tool that integrates all our core systems allowing Chubb Life to instantly view customer profiles, including their policies, payments and claims. It also helps us to resolve customer enquiries much more efficiently.  

As well as updating customer tools, Chubb Life in Thailand has also overhauled the platforms used by its agents. The following digital and online platforms have been updated and launched over the last three years:

  • Quotation and Illustration (QnI): a sales quotation and illustration tool that assesses customer needs. It includes an initial financial needs analysis, product matching, plan illustration, and quotations.
  • eApplication: a system for agents to complete and submit insurance applications online.
  • Agency Management System (AMS): a portal for Chubb Life’s agents to manage their role and career more efficiently. It provides information such as company news, product announcements, digital tools and sales support materials, as well as tracking policy status, agent performance and compensation.

Alongside the updated systems for agents, Chubb has also updated the digital and online platforms for Business Partners. These updated systems include:

  • Chubb Studio: launched in April 2022, this is Chubb’s global digital omni-channel platform which allows business partners to embed digital insurance products into their business portal.
  • Partner Portal: launched in March 2022, this tool is designed to empower and assist our partners’ operations by tracking online service requests such as policy approvals, claims status, data retrieval and reports on demand.
  • Sales Illustration System (SIS): a simple and easy to use tool for business partners’ sales representatives to present insurance plan benefits and sales quotations swiftly and conveniently to customers via mobile devices.

Angela Hunter, Country President of Chubb Life in Thailand, added: ‘Chubb Life understands the needs of our customers, agents, and business partners. We strive to constantly improve our services to deliver resilience, accommodate changes in situation and target audiences’ preferences and behaviors, all while maintaining an excellent customer experience. These innovative platforms not only increase convenience and maximize service efficiency, but also help our agents and partners make the most of their business opportunities, as well as enabling our customers to access insurance solutions and services effortlessly.’