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Chubb Life continues with ‘Education@Heart – Say Yes to Less Plastic’ - educating youths to preserve the environment
Dec 14, 2022
Chubb Life continues with ‘Education@Heart – Say Yes to Less Plastic’
Chubb Life continues with ‘Education@Heart – Say Yes to Less Plastic’

Chubb Life Thailand held its ‘Regional Day of Service’, Chubb’s annual corporate social responsibility initiative across 12 countries in Asia Pacific, under the program ‘Education@Heart – Say Yes to Less Plastic.’ This year’s program aims to increase educational opportunities for underprivileged youths and to raise the awareness of mangrove forest protection in coastal areas.

Held at Mangrove Forest Resources Education and Development Center, Samut Sakhon, more than 50 volunteers from Chubb Life accompanied 50 elementary school students to explore and learn about the mangrove forest ecosystem, while also enjoying the natural habitat of animals in the area.  The students, from grades seven to nine, are supported by the Teach for Thailand Foundation. The activity also allowed the participants to clean up the area and learn about the production of biochar and aromatic salt, retail products created in the Center to support the costs and expenses of its operation.

Adrian O'Brien, Chief Digital and Transformation Officer of Chubb Life Thailand., said “Chubb Life has always been focusing on increasing educational opportunities for underprivileged Thai youths. We believe that knowledge of our environment is important, so this year’s program aims to encourage the children and our volunteers to better understand the needs of environmental preservation, as well as the impact of plastic bags on marine pollution. This is the reason we also included rubbish collection and sorting activity. We trust that educating young children on the importance of environmental sustainability is a backbone for a healthy planet, as this will help to protect the environment for future generations, as well as improving our communities in the long-term.”