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Chubb Life Thailand launches supplementary health insurance for customers to top up their existing protection
New Health Premium Extra – Deductible offers up to 48% lower annual premium compared to Health Premium Extra
May 21, 2024

Chubb Life Assurance Public Company Limited (“Chubb Life Thailand”) today announced the launch of Health Premium Extra – Deductible, an extension of Health Premium Extra, an all-in-one healthcare product. Designed for customers requiring supplementary protection to offset excess expenses on their existing welfare or health coverage, the newly launched product offers up to 48% lower annual premium compared to the original product.

To enjoy the benefits of Health Premium Extra – Deductible, customers will use their existing welfare or insurance plan to cover the initial expense of an insured event, and submit a claim to Chubb Life Thailand for the remaining balance.

For parents, this product offers peace of mind to those looking for insurance solutions to protect their children, as young as 31 days old. Health Premium Extra – Deductible also includes a child daily hospital benefit of up to THB1,000 for the treatment of five specific diseases.

Miss Alisa Areepong, Country President, Chubb Life Thailand, said, “With living costs and medical expenses increasing, we understand that our customers need more affordable, flexible, and high-quality protection solutions with comprehensive benefits. Health Premium Extra – Deductible offers customers the freedom to focus on what matters to them most – living a healthy life and spending time with family and friends.” 

Health Premium Extra – Deductible offers all the coverage of Health Premium Extra, plus the following additional benefits:

  • Entry age from 31 days until 70 years old (depending on the plan), and coverage up to 86 years old.
  • Lower annual premium of up to 48% compared to Health Premium Extra.
  • Daily Hospital Benefit up to THB1,000 per day, for insureds age from 31 days to 5 years old, when hospitalized as an inpatient caused by five specific diseases: Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD), Influenza, Dengue hemorrhagic fever, Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), or Pneumonitis/Pneumonia.
  • As-charged benefit payment covering medical treatment up to THB30,000,000 per policy year.
  • Double maximum as-charged benefit payment for 10 specified critical illnesses, up to THB60,000,000 per policy year.
  • A lump sum benefit payment of up to THB100,000 for 10 specified critical illnesses.
  • Medical treatment fees for inpatient (IPD) or outpatient (OPD) treatment.
  • Coverage for treatment of chronic kidney disease, and radiotherapy and chemotherapy including targeted therapy for cancer treatments.
  •  As-charged benefit payment when being admitted to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at actual cost.
  • Coverage for rehabilitation after being discharged from hospital.


Policy applicants should read and comprehend the benefits, terms, and conditions before deciding to purchase. In addition, company underwriting guidelines will apply.